These Fruit and Veggie Snacks are Made in Potion-Controlled Sizes

 - Nov 3, 2015
References: refrigeratedfrozenfood
Ready Pac Foods Inc. created these single-serve fruit and veggie snack packages to provide consumes with a healthy snack solution. Each package contains a healthy snack-sized portion of fruit or vegetable servings along with a separately packaged dipping sauce.

Ready Pac Foods created these package designs to cater to the increased demand for fresher and healthier snack options. The single-serve containers are accompanied with a vegetables or fruit dip, allowing consumers to enjoy a guilt-free and portion-controlled snack. This also eliminates food waste -- usually a result of large condiment jars that often go unused.

These convenient fruit and veggie packages are ideal for those with on-the-go lifestyles. The portable packages are easy to fit into one's purse or backpack and are sold in a variety of tasty flavor options.