The Vega Protein+ Shake Drink Packs Nutrients and Protein

 - Mar 7, 2017
References: trndmonitor
The average consumer leads a hectic lifestyle that could cause them to skip one or more meals a week, so the new Vega Protein+ Shake drink is intended to offer nutritional support for busy individuals.

The Vega Protein+ Shake is packed with the veggies and nutrients that the brand is renowned for, but also incorporates 20-grams of protein along with 3 to 4-grams of protein.

The Vega Protein+ Shake is purported to have 25% of your recommended daily intake of 11 various vitamins and minerals in order to support a balanced lifestyle and diet.

The prepackaged Vega Protein+ Shake drink comes in chocolate and vanilla flavor options, and also contains one-gram of Omega 3 ALA to offer further nutritional support for active individuals.