MorningStar Farms' New Heat-and-Serve Veggie Bowls are Entirely Meatless

Kellogg's recently expanded its MorningStar Farms brand to include five new heat-and-serve veggie bowls. With a growing number of consumers adopting a plant-based diet, these vegetarian-friendly entrees serve as quick and easy dinner options.

The new heat-and-serve veggie bowls come in five delicious flavor combinations inspired by flavors from around the world. These varieties range from familiar favorites such as Chick'n Pot Pie and Italian Sausage Bake to exotic entrees such as Japanese Soba Noodle and Moroccan Medley. Despite the delicious ingredients, each frozen entree is completely vegetarian and high in beneficial nutrients such as fiber and protein. The meals are also easy to prepare, making them ideal for time-pressed consumers looking for a way to eat meat-free in a hurry.