From Salt-Infusing Roasters to Hormone-Free Meatballs

 - Dec 20, 2016
Poultry products are becoming increasingly natural in their farming, production and cooking processes. These examples range from unusual cooking methods to poultry that is free from harmful additives.

Many people have heard of Himalayan salt lamps, but a Himalayan salt product that was designed to cook chickens is a more unique concept for most. The chicken is put on top of the vertical roaster and then into the appliance that it is being cooked with, and heats up to help the cooking process while naturally infusing a light salty flavor into the chicken.

'Aidell's offers chicken meatballs that function as a healthy alternative to the beef and pork that make up most meatball ingredients. The products come in a range of dynamic flavors and the chicken they are made with are free from hormones -- which are bad for both human health and the environment.