The Foster Farms Organic Chicken is Antibiotic-Free and Much More

 - Jun 17, 2016
References: fosterfarms & modbee
Supporting the clean eating movement, the Foster Farms Organic Chicken is formulated to be the ultimate option when it comes to choosing the freshest, most natural option in the meat case.

97% fat-free, the chicken has no salt added and comes from free-range chickens that have been fed a diet that's totally vegetarian from ingredients grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Regarding antibiotics, the chicken is not treated with any in order to support consumers looking to avoid antibiotics and eat meat of a cleaner variety.

The Foster Farms Organic Chicken is committed to offering consumers a premium way to obtain delicious, natural meats, but the company is also committed in other ways to being friendlier to people and the planet. The brand is expected to see a 25% drop in water consumption at the company's California plant.