'Fauxmage' Specializes in Creating Dairy-Free "Cheese from Trees"

 - Jan 11, 2016
References: fauxmage.net & vegansupply
Cashews, lemon juice, salt and cultures are the simple ingredients that make up Fauxmage's dairy-free cheese products. While there is no dairy present in the alternative cheese products, the cheeses are made with live active cultures that make them much healthier than traditional dairy products. The plant-based cheese substitutes are also raw, vegan, Paleo, as well as gluten-free.

Flavors like Chipotle, Herbes de Provence and the Sriracha-inspired Rooster Spice are made without the use of oil, gum, starches or thickeners, which means that there are no fillers in the product. Aside from what makes the cheese base, the spices and herbs that are added to each batch are freshly ground each time.

These versatile spreads can be paired with everything from vegetables and hot dogs to cider and white wine.