This Cacoa Sport Beverage is a Nutritious and On-the-Go Meal Replacement

 - Nov 24, 2015
References: projectjuice & trndmonitor
On-the-go meal replacements are often a necessity for many consumers living busy lifestyles but still apt about eating well, making a sport beverage such as the chocolate protein juice by the Juice Project a great option. Despite its runny consistency, the shake has a slew of health benefits and offers a hearty 350-calories in each serving.

Drinking healthy juices can be troublesome for many that don't like the taste of raw vegetables. However the chocolate protein juice offers a delicious cacao flavoring topped with a cookie taste thanks to the addition of almond butter, dates, almonds and banana. In addition the drink is filled with kale to detoxify the liver, vanilla bean for added serotonin and sea salt to aid in the body's nutrient absorption.