These Coconut Avocado Popsicles are Infused With Mint Tea For Digestion

 - Jul 30, 2016
Food Deco infuses these refreshing summer tea popsicles with superfoods such as avocado and mint to provide a sweet, yet nutritious, treat. The popsicles are made from scratch and using raw ingredients that help to improve digestion thanks to the addition of mint tea.

The ice pops are vegan and made from a base of coconut or almond milk that is infused with basil and spinach to add iron as well as a potent green hue. Fresh avocado is also blended to add creaminess while a steeped mint tea bag helps to aid in digestion thanks to the fermented peppermint leaves. Despite the large amount of vegetables in the ice pop, the dessert is sweetened with the plant-based milks and coconut water to mask the taste.