The Amsterdam Falafel Shop is Preparing a Tasting Menu in Time for 4/20

 - Apr 10, 2015
References: scribd & dc.eater
Ahead of April 20, Dutch sandwich purveyors at the Amsterdam Falafel Shop have revealed a cannabis-pairing menu to be priced at $4.20 each.

The marijuana-centric menu features five Amsterdam Falafel Shop sandwiches paired with five of the most popular strains available in the city's infamous coffee shops. Paired for maximum enjoyment, the in-depth menu describes exactly how each menu item was matched up, claiming for example that the textures and bold tart flavors of a Turkish salad and pickled cauliflower sandwich will enhance the high from a Lemon Haze joint.

Given Amsterdam's long history of pot tolerance, this fun marketing trick seems to be expected. It will, however, be interesting to see if something like this pops up in Washington State, Alaska or Colorado.