Flow Kana Hosted a Film Night Where People Could Get High in the Theater

 - Jul 10, 2015
References: us9mpaign-archive2 & buzzfeed
Social enterprise and marijuana delivery service Flow Kana is experimenting by hosting film night events where people can enjoy cannabis and a movie screening. These screenings tap into the activity of getting high before going to a movie theater and is an excellent example of knowing your customer base. The weed startup CEO Michael Steinmetz believes "whatever we can do sober or with a beer, we should be able to do with cannabis."

The San Francisco-based special film night includes complimentary and unlimited popcorn (perfect for if you get the munchies), edible and smokeable pot products and fresh juice provided by Happy Moose Juice. Handcrafted 'prerolls' are also available in bundles such as three for $30.