Oregon's 'Oregonian' Newspaper is Hiring a Marijuana Reviewer

 - Aug 19, 2015
References: oregonlive & adweek
The Oregonian newspaper is looking to hire a marijuana reviewer.

The marijuana reviewer, according to the ad posted on the paper's website, will "review marijuana strains, infused products [...] unique to Oregon's robust cannabis culture and marketplace." In Oregon, along with Colorado, Washington and Alaska, marijuana is legal. The Denver Post already has a professional "cannabist" to advise recreational smokers on what to smoke and how to smoke it. The Oregonian, which has long been reporting on marijuana news, including the progress of legalization, wants to follow suit. The Oregonian marijuana reviewer will be a freelancer who writes two to four articles per month for the paper and its site, OregonLive.com.

Cannabis culture is becoming increasingly accepted and above-ground, especially with the growth and success of advocacy for legalization. With this shift comes a huge new market for cannabis-centered products, services and media, like this ahead-of-the-curve marijuana reviewer role.