The Orrb Provides a Womb-Like Cocoon to Escape the Worker Grind

 - Jan 15, 2015
References: orrb & fastcoexist
Open office cultures have been embraced in many cities and companies over the last few years, resulting in the need for office pods that provide a sense of privacy and relaxation. The Orrb is one such office pod, but on the hi-tech end of the spectrum. It provides a womb-like space that focuses on de-stressing the occupant.

This particular office pod maintains optimal oxygen levels while canceling out noise pollution in order to provide an environment conducive to meditation. A screen inside then prompts the individual to engage in breathing exercises for a 5 minute relaxation period. Lee McCormack, founder of Orrb Technologies, says, "Ten years ago, it was 50-50 whether we needed this. Now it's almost a necessity because we're so bombarded with information overload and we need a private space in the office."