Rise's Health Food Branding Incites Challenge and Change

In creating this health food branding, MSTF Partners was challenged to make these superfood mixtures stand out in a market that's now becoming saturated with natural products, vitamins and supplements.

The benefits of consuming superfoods are numerous—they boost memory, clarity, strength, balance and overall well-being—but rather than overwhelming consumers with busy labels laden with claims, these pouches highlight the best quality of a particular superfood. For instance, Rise makes calls to action with words like Conquer, Shine, Believe, Detox, Relax, Seduce and Fight. Since knowing where to start with superfoods can be intimidating, this simple, vibrant packaging system makes introducing the power of nutritionally-potent foods into your diet easy. Playing off the brand name, Rise, the simple packets make use of an arrow shape to suggest their uplifting nature.