This Switchel Drink is a Spicer Version of Traditional Lemonade

 - Aug 26, 2015
References: food52 & food52
If you're looking for a more adult version of a lemonade, perhaps the Switchel drink is just what you need to try complete with spicier, fiery ginger notes. This homemade recipe teaches you how to make the beverage on your own.

To make this drink at home, begin with apple cider vinegar to add that citrus component then add maple syrup and freshly sliced ginger. You can control the spiciness of the drink by adding more or less ginger pieces. Shake everything in a Mason jar to create a syrup then add water to fill the Mason jar up. Then let the liquid ferment for at least 24-hours. Once it has steeped and darkened in color and increased in flavor, you can strain the drink and serve it over ice.