These Fruit-Flavored Vodkas Can Be Made At Home Using Fresh Produce

 - Sep 1, 2015
References: thekitchn & thekitchn
There's nothing quite as enjoyable about food and drink as enjoying the fruits of your own labor, and these homemade fruit liquors are an ideal example of that. This recipe by The Kitchn teaches at home cooks how they can create their own flavored vodka using fresh produce and Mason jars.

To make your own flavored vodka the recipe is surprisingly simple and requires only a few ingredients. According to The Kitchn the mixture ratio is simple, two cups of fruit per two to three cups of vodka that is infused for three to five days. The vodka is safe to drink after because the alcohol content prevents any mold from forming along the fruit. You can use this recipe to make apple, peach, berry, fig or any other type of fruit-flavored liquor using 80-proof vodka. Simply strain the liquid once it has fermented and enjoy.