This Spiked Hot Chocolate Features Flavored Vodka Varieties Plus Cinnamon

Described as "boozy deliciousness," this spiked hot chocolate finds the perfect use for flavored vodka. Created by McGill University student Jen Berger, the boozy hot chocolate recipe is the only hot beverage recipe you really need this winter.

Containing coffee-flavored vodka, vanilla vodka, milk, sugar, cocoa powder and cinnamon, the spiked hot chocolates take two seconds to make and are even served in microwave-safe mason jars that must come with a lid. The lovely concoction is shaken inside its container and is heated in the microwave. Or, you can experiment with this recipe and find another way to apply heat if the microwave just is not your thing.

Ideal for cool nights, especially before you go out, this recipe is a winner every time.