These Hot Chocolate Drinks Boost Flavor with Chilli and Lavender

 - Aug 19, 2015
References: sheknows & sheknows
Hot chocolate drinks are often great on their own with the simple creamy flavor, but it's always fun to add an unexpected aromatic twist with the addition of new flavors. This recipe encourages you to do just that with the addition of unconventional spices and herbs.

The recipe begins with making your very own homemade hot chocolate from scratch with whole milk, cream, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and cocoa powder. Once the milk and cream have boiled and you've added in the chocolate to melt, you can add in your aromatic flavor of choice. The recipe recommends herbs like fresh mint leaves, whole lavender buds or even spicy chilli -- all are paired well with chocolate! Once the mixture has marinated, strain out the herbs and enjoy. This is a great example of adding fresh ingredients to otherwise proceed foods allowing the consumer to customize their beverage's flavors with what's in season.