The CubeFit TerraMat is Designed to Keep You Healthy and Productive

 - Nov 30, 2016
References: getcubefit & getcubefit
Sitting is the new smoking, but it isn't the real enemy. The true enemy is the sedentary lifestyle. Standing desks are only part of the solution for a healthy work environment. You really need to be moving and active while you are standing at your desk. CubeFit created a standing desk mat specifically designed to keep you moving at work.

The CubeFit TerraMat takes inspiration from natural terrain to help you stay moving while you're standing behind a desk. There are over 10 power stances engineered to keep you fidgeting, working out and stretching throughout the day. This is the first standing desk mat designed to help you fidget in order to keep you healthy and productive. It's time to get moving at work.