La Petite Mort's Morphing Typeface Deteriorates Over Time Like Memories

 - Feb 3, 2016
References: wearesubrosa & fastcodesign
Sub Rosa's La Petite Mort magazine is celebrating the idea of memory with a transforming typeface. Centered around a theme called 'Memoire,' this entire issue was created with morphing typography.

Though memory is perceived to be an exact recollection of a moment or experience, science has reported that memory is more akin to dramatic reenactment than a faithful documentary. Due to this discovery, New York-based design studio Sub Rosa has given its in-house publication a typeface makeover. This issue of La Petite Mort features 16 shifts in how typeface appears, though these mutations are designed to be as subtle as the way our actual memories change. The typeface is virtually imperceptible with each change, but the curves on each letter become more pronounced from beginning to end.

In the end, this morphing typeface creates a lasting, positive impact within the hearts and minds of consumers.