This Multi-Functional Urinal is Much More Hygienic Than Most

 - Sep 8, 2016
References: mirror & hypebeast
The multi-functional Urinal 2.0 is one that is able to act as both a drain and can also sanitize the user's body.

The urinal was designed by a small group of Spanish businessmen, economists and coaches. The unusual device is able to sense when the user has finished relieving themselves and dispenses soapy water onto their skin when this is the case. Then, it blasts air for three seconds to dry the skin off and the user walks away knowing the bathroom they used was much more hygienic than most. The device also has seasonal temperature settings in order to determine the warmth or coolness of the water being dispensed.

This multi-functional urinal acts as a cleaner alternative to toilets and standard urinals that could prove to be popular in areas where people tend to be more health-conscious.