Kouraku Kiln Created a Fun Service to Alleviate Unsold Goods

 - Apr 6, 2016
References: kouraku.jp.net & thisiscolossal
Kouraku Kiln is one amazing example of a company thinking outside of the box when it comes to a common problem. It is 150-Year-Old porcelain warehouse in Arita, Japan, that has a vast inventory of unsold goods. The warehouse is so big that some employees ride bicycles to get from one end to the other.

With this in mind, Kouraku Kiln has created a daily treasure hunt in order to get rid of its porcelain. People pay about $45 to $90 for a 30 minute tour of the facility and then a 90 minute hunt to fill their baskets with whatever treasures they fall in love with. Not only does this solve Kouraku Kiln's problems, it also provides a fun and unique activity for residents and visitors of Arita, Japan.