This Stunt Was Used to Engage Consumers One-on-One and Digitally

 - Jun 27, 2016
References: twitter & eventmagazine
This street performance on London's Brick Lane was an interactive marketing campaign for the community-led mobile network Giffgaff.

With strange medieval and rabbit costumes and a large billboard, this street performance took interactive campaigning to another level. The billboard functioned as a screen and camera that randomly selected people passing by to be part of the marketing stunt. Based on the responses of the chosen people, the actors created a dramatic scene that included performances from fake getaway drivers, convicts and gangsters. The interactive spectacle drew crowds and was created to promote the company's service that does not provide restrictive contracts -- thus the emphasis on "freedom" during the street performance.

This interactive campaign was an excellent way to generate interest around the company and promote some of its services.