Klearcook's Polymer Sheets Can Be Used to Reduce Cooking Times

 - Feb 6, 2016
References: foodserviceandhospitality
Since quickly getting food from the kitchen to the table is a top priority for many restaurants, Klearcook unveiled a new type of cooking film to help chefs speed up this process.

The thin high-temperature films are made from a woven polymer that allows heat to penetrate the bag. In order to use the product, a sheet of Klearcook can be tied into a bundle and secured with a string. For heating, the pouch can be warmed in a pan, oven or even the microwave. While the Klearcook sheets have benefits for members of the foodservice industry, there are also perks for consumer chefs as well.

While the material itself is a new innovation, the product's cooking technique is reminiscent of the French style en Papillote, which involves cooking under pressure. As a result, cooks are able to use less salt and fewer herbs, while natural flavors and moisture are effortlessly preserved.