The Sole Purpose of Mike Sannikov's 'Button Factory' is to Test Buttons

 - Sep 12, 2016
References: imgur & gizmodo
For product designers, things that might seem trivial to consumers are absolutely paramount, and this reasoning is why Mike Sannikov built his 'Button Factory' device. The gorgeous piece of sampling equipment has no other purpose than to test the look, feel, and function of different brands and models of arcade buttons.

Sannikov conceived of button factory when endeavoring to build his own arcade joystick controller. Rather than blindly picking a button, he wanted to know the performance of each of his options. He ordered 16 buttons to sample, but "realized quickly: all buttons should be enclosed in simple housing to check [the] look and feel" and connected to electronics to check responsiveness, as Sannikov's imgur page puts it.

Button Factory, the final product of this quest, is a testament to the thoroughness of a perfectionist designer.