From Programmable Fidget Spinners to Concentration-Enhancing Toys

 - Jul 6, 2017
From lip balm cases that double as fidget spinners to gilded luxury fidget toys, these unique fidget toy products promise to improve one's focus and hand-eye coordination, while also alleviating stress.

While there are plenty of handheld fidget toys with basic parts that flip and rotate, there are also a number of designs that boast customizable components so that users can truly make the toys their own. As well as there being $1 3D printing files for fidget spinners that appeal to makers who prefer a hands-on approach, luxury fashion brands and celebrities are also launching bejeweled and gilded activity toys for affluent consumers.

The widespread popularity of fidget spinners and stress relief toys has also resulted in the creation of rings, writing utensils and even full-scale furniture pieces inspired by their forms.