The Killer Drone is Equipped With a Remote-Controlled Chainsaw

 - Apr 5, 2016
References: youtube & gizmag
When you think of the term 'killer drone', your mind probably begins by conjuring up images of the kinds of drones employed by the US Army and others to wage war on battlegrounds around the world. However, a group of enterprising and risk-taking Finnish innovators have developed their own Killer Drone -- a drone that happens to have a chainsaw mounted onto it.

The Killer Drone is not supremely complicated, and essentially consists of a remote-controlled chainsaw that is mounted onto a multicopter drone before being set in flight, whirring along in frightening fashion the entire time.

Not only is the Killer Drone funny and interesting to look at, but it throws up interesting questions about the kind of implements that could be mounted onto drones for better or for worse.