From Landmine-Detecting Drones to Aerospace Inspection Drones

 - Jul 25, 2016
As drones continue to grow in popularity, the amount of innovative drone projects being created continue to soar. Drones are being used and designed for government, business and consumer bases.

Drones are being used for film and photography purposes. The use of drones for wedding photography captures beautiful shots that a normal photographer wouldn't be able to take. Similarly, 'Earth Porn Films' used drones to film aerial footage of some of Europe's oldest and most beautiful castles.

The US government is using drone technology for conservation to deliver vaccine-laced M&Ms to endangered ferrets and prairie dogs in Montana. The Mine Kafon Drone is capable of detecting and safely detonating mines, which could save lives around the world. Airbus is testing the use of drones to make aircraft inspection more efficient and more safe. Drones are proving to be incredibly efficient options for a variety of industries.