This South Korean Company Claims It Can Cure Your Hangover

 - Jun 2, 2016
References: munchies.vice & coolhunting
A inconvenience store chain in South Korea named 'Withme FS' has launched its own unique version of a hangover remedy, in the form of delicious ice cream.

The 'Gyeondyo-bar' is said to use an ingredient called "oriental raisin tree fruit juice" to put an end to post-drinking regret. The ingredient has been considered an effective hangover remedy in South Korea for centuries now, meaning that the Gyeondyo-bar is likely to be a hit amongst consumers in the area.

The ice cream comes in a citrus grapefruit flavor, making it a fully refreshing treat for the summer months. The Gyeondyo-bar was made to increase productivity levels in South Korea, preventing sick-feeling workers from having to miss a day of work after a night of drinking.