- Aug 28, 2017
These gothic menu items range from spiced rum ice creams to artisan goth lattes that combine traditional ingredients with activated charcoal. After being embraced by skincare and cold pressed juice brands, activated charcoal continues to dominate the food and beverage industries with a slew of Instagram-friendly coffees, and desserts.

In addition to examples like Damson & Co's black charcoal latte which is promoted for its great taste and detoxifying qualities, other standouts include Little Damage's sprinkled charcoal soft serve. Additionally, Salt & Straw’s Wiz Bang Bar's eclipse-themed ice cream celebrated the recent phenomenon and was sold with a charcoal waffle cone.

Other gothic menu items to note include Morgenstern's premium ice cream, and Round K's ink-themed iced latte which are both made with coconut ash, another form of activated charcoal.

Appealing to Instagram-obsessed foodies, these gothic menu innovations combine healthy ingredients with a look that is photo-friendly.

From Spiced Rum Ice Creams to Artisan Goth Lattes: