The Hyperions Project Would See a Sustainable Food System Grow on Dwellings

 - Feb 23, 2016
References: & tuvie
The development of new sustainable food systems is imperative to ensure modern life can continue on out planet, so the Hyperions project is designed to bring the process home (literally).

Incorporating garden space, lush green foliage and a biophilic design aesthetic, the Hyperions building would act as a self-sustaining building, essentially. Designed by Vincent Callebaut architects, the Hyperions project would see the building produce ample fresh foods for inhabitants to enjoy direct from the source.

Modern food chains are based on factory farming and extensive infrastructure to ship the goods worldwide. As the need for a more sustainable food system intensifies, conceptual buildings like the Hyperions project sees food chains go back to their beginnings. The growth of food on-site would help to decrease emissions, waste and use of pesticides/herbicides.