This Winding Pathway is Meant to Be a Reminder for Preserving Water

 - Nov 4, 2015
References: archdaily
Penda's winding pathway design has been chosen as the winner for 10th international Garden Expo in Wuhan, China. The landscape pavilion seeks to remind people of the importance of the preservation of water through its river-like shape. Each person who visits the landscape will be given seeds to plant wherever they wish. The seeds on the path essentially replace water with growing greens to bring the landscape to life.

The pavilion's winding path will also feature hills and valleys, another ode to surrounding natural elements. Water however, remains the true inspiration. Designers believe that water is the connecting system throughout the world and a precious resource. The challenge of the project was making something that promoted this message, without the actual use of water. The connection of water is also a reference to the city of Wuhan, which is in close proximity to the Yangtze River.