With Local Gardeners, Strongbow Created a Green Space in the City

 - Apr 12, 2016
References: strongbow
Most people who spend their lives surrounded by concrete in an urban environment have a huge appreciation for green space in the city. In order to bring vibrant greenery to an area that lacked it, Strongbow teamed up with a group of Gorilla Gardeners to liven up an abandoned area in Johannesburg, South Africa. This 'Nature Remixed' intervention involved creating an orchard, which is now a peaceful oasis where apples trees will grow in the city.

Beyond its role as a producer of apple ciders, Strongbow is on a global mission to bring more nature into urban settings and all the while, enrich communities, cultures and public spaces.

As well as being able to see Strongbow's first initiative mapped on its website, the brand lists other inspiring examples of how derelict spaces are being transformed with nature.