This Graphene Bracelet is a Corrective Blood Sugar Monitor

 - Mar 22, 2016
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A group of scientists working across South Korea, Massachusetts and Texas have developed a transparent wrist cuff that's means to be worn as a non-invasive blood sugar monitor and treatment.

When this device is worn, it is capable of measuring glucose levels in the bloodstream and from there, a diabetic patient is able to receive a low drug dosage via microneedles if the smart band deems that it is needed. Unlike many other solutions, this design is meant to be extremely non-invasive and painless.

For these abilities, the device is being likened to a "robotic pancreas" that is able to sense and treat spikes or dips in glucose levels. While this is not a solution for extreme blood sugar activity, this wearable device could seamlessly become part of a diabetic's daily life.