The 'Bathyard' Home Features a Bathroom Designed for Socializing

 - Mar 1, 2016
References: & gizmag
While communal bathrooms were commonplace in eras passed, the new 'Bathyard' Home looks to bring them back in an innovative way. Located in Madrid, Spain the 'Bathyard' Home is designed with an updated floor layout that encourages residents to lounge in the bathroom together.

Traditional apartment-style homes might have communal living rooms or dining rooms with the bathroom being left as a private area for each unit's resident(s). However, Husos Architects turned this notion on its head with the 'Bathyard' Home that features a spacious communal bathroom with greenery to boot.

The 'Bathyard' Home has been retrofitted with additional insulation and has been reoriented to face south, which allows the space to maintain a warm ambient temperature in the winter.