This Contact Lens Technology is Inspired By the Elephant Nose Fish

 - Mar 16, 2016
References: & gizmag
A group of scientists and researchers working out of the University of Wisconsin, Madison are developing self-focusing contact lens technology inspired by the elephant nose fish. This particular fish boasts a unique retinal structure that comprises a series of cup-like structures with reflective walls, which enable it to see in muddy and murky water.

This structure has now been replicated in contact lens technology using microscopic cups lined with reflective aluminum. The structure is embedded in the front of the fully transparent and flexible contact lens.

We're still about a decade away from witnessing a working prototype of these contact lenses, but they are poised to change the way people suffering from presbyopia -- a condition wherein the eye's lens stiffen to the point that it loses its ability to focus on close objects -- see the world.