This College Student Used a 3D Printer to Make Custom Braces

 - Mar 19, 2016
References: amosdudley & bustle
College student Amos Dudley recently set out to fix his slightly crooked smile by creating his own 3D-printed braces. While braces are a common solution to many oral health issues, the expensive price tag often prevents people from pursuing this option. Now there may be a inexpensive alternative available for those with access to a 3D printer.

Dudley created his set of 3D printed braces as a means of correcting his slightly crooked smile. Unable to afford other types of adult braces, Dudley decided to use a 3D printer to create his own set. He started by making a plaster mold of his mouth and then used advanced computer software to understand the placement of his teeth. Finally, he used orthodontics textbooks to map out pathways for the movement of his teeth. After 16 weeks and a total of $60 spent, Dudley was left with perfectly straight teeth.

Although not everyone can make their own DIY braces, the project demonstrates how new technology may be used to lower the cost of professional orthodontics.