This Aloe Water is a Healthy Alternative to Sugary Drinks on the Market

 - Jun 23, 2016
References: aloegloe & businessinsider
These healthy aloe drinks are marketed as a drink option for people who are focusing on their health and fitness.

While most people know that using aloe externally can help to alleviate skin problems such as dryness, sunburns, acne and aging, actually consuming aloe is not yet a common practice. The 'Aloe Gloe' drinks come in four different flavors including a crisp aloe, lemonade, coconut and white grape. The healthy aloe drinks are all very low in calories and offer benefits such as vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and minerals that claim to improve the look of skin and cardiovascular functions.

These plant-based drinks are an excellent inclusion to the growing market that better suits health-conscious lifestyles.