The New Coffee Crisp Shake is Made with an Iconic Candy Bar

 - Jun 3, 2016
References: burgerking & chewboom
Burger King Canada recently put a Canadian-themed twist on its latest drink with the introduction of the Coffee Crisp Shake. Coffee Crisp is an iconic Canadian chocolate bar that consists of alternating layers of vanilla wafer and foamed coffee-flavored filling, all of which is covered in a sweet milk chocolate coating. Now Canadians have a new way to enjoy their favorite candy bar by consuming it in the form of a deliciously creamy shake.

The new Coffee Crisp Shake is a hand-spun milkshake made from vanilla soft serve and pieces of Coffee Crisp. The unique combination of ingredients gives the vanilla shake a subtle coffee flavor that is sure to appeal to fans of the iconic candy bar.

The new shake is also part of the ongoing shift towards co-branded menu items at fast food restaurants.