Botanicus' Revitalizing Cream is Made With Essential Oils

 - May 25, 2017
Mexico-based skincare brand Botanicus offers premium products that are organically sourced, and this revitalizing cream is one of it's most lavish. The product is inspired by the age-old practice of aromachology -- a study centered around aromas and their relation to human behavior -- and fuses essential oils, water, and other nourishing ingredients to create an effective, yet light-weight product.

The naturally sourced cream's most notable ingredients include olive, jajoba, lavender, and rosehip oils that are proven to soothe irritated skin, reduce the appearance of scarring or redness, and contribute to a healthy glow.

Priced at a $420 rate, this high-end facial cream works to balances users' skintone over time. Additionally, the product's essential oil ingredients work to detoxify skin and feature anti-aging properties that aid in reducing the appearance of fine lines, and wrinkles.