Gemstone Organics' Facial Spa Set Includes Gemstones for Natural Healing

 - Dec 30, 2016
References: gemstoneorganic
The 'Gemstone Facial Spa' kit from Gemstone Organics includes several of its gem-infused products, such as a Créme, a Herbal Steam and a Gem Juice. To amplify the healing benefits of the steam, the brand also includes four gemstones. As it claims, "Adding gemstones will bring the healing vibrations up for your skin and give your energy body an extra boost." Specifically, two rose quartz and two moonstone gems are included in the unique skincare steam set.

To make the most of a Gemstone Facial Spa for personal care, Gemstone Organics gives its consumers the chance to mix and match products to create their perfect remedy. For instance, one's choice of Jade, Moonstone or Gold Créme may be selected, along with a botanical hydrosol and a herbal steam pouch specifically for dry or oily skin.