Cedar + Stone's 'Alchemy Mist Pack' Provides a Trio of Healing Sprays

 - Jun 16, 2017
References: cedarandstone.au
The trio of healing sprays in Cedar + Stone's Alchemy Mist Pack introduces functional mists for Energy Clearing, Meditation and Spiritual Protection.

While there are plenty of face and body mists that are designed for the purposes of hydration or cooling, these ones are formulated to support relaxation and the removal of stress and negative energy.

A number of personal care and beauty brands are now tapping into the mystical nature of ingredients that have been used in natural, ancient healing for centuries, such as revered essential oils like frankincense, witch hazel and botanical tinctures. Alongside boasting pure ingredients that won't fill the home with toxins, these healing sprays have the ability to impact more than just one's physical well-being.