The Yoon Dermaline Marine Aqua Peeler Hydrates and Exfoliates

 - Nov 2, 2016
References: glowrecipe & refinery29
The term "aqua peel" describes a popular K-beauty skincare treatment that involves soaking gauze strips in a solution of acidic toner for a short period of time to remove impurities that have become stuck in the skin. To replicate this Korean beauty treatment at home, Yoon Dermaline created its single-use Marine Aqua Peeler swabs.

The product is packaged in a way that contains a sealed oversized swab applicator, which is completely sealed before use. Once ready to apply, a portion of the packaging is ripped open to reveal the cotton bud, which can be swabbed over the entire face, including problem areas like the T-zone and nose. After use, the swab is to be discarded and the formula is meant to sit on the skin for just a few minutes before the rest of one's skincare routine is carried out.