This Toothbrush Design Makes the Hygienic Accessory Look like Art

 - May 16, 2016
References: epiqual & kickstarter
The EPIQUAL toothbrush is made as a work of art, rather than a necessary item that detracts from the look of the room as it sits atop your counter -- as the sleek and minimalist toothbrush design make it look like a well-thought out accessory.

With the toothbrush itself hidden in a vase-like stand, the EPIQUAL is quick to access when needed and is easily put together. The stand is treated with antibacterial coating to ensure that your toothbrush is free of germs, also making for a great portable case that keeps the bristles safe. The stand can be taken apart and cleaned within as well, making sure the toothbrush is kept in the most sanitary condition.

The EPIQUAL toothbrush design is fully customized as well, including the color and bristle options. Bristle options include 'General,' 'Sensitive' and 'Binchotan' -- black bristles that contain charcoal and are said to whiten teeth.