Babe Scrub's Products are Packaged with Positive Reminders

 - Dec 9, 2016
References: babescrub
"There's not a hint of mediocrity in you" and "Love your own wild" are a few of the uplifting phrases that can be found on the packaging for Babe Scrub's personal care products. As the brand describes, these are "Babe'n positive affirmations to kick start your day with a gush of inspiration."

The trio of organic hand cream and body wash products are enriched with essential oils to cleanse and provide a range of additional benefits. While the body wash and hand cream are packaged in opaque white bottles, the Organic Charcoal Hand Wash is given a clear container to show off its unique dark coloring.

In keeping with the theme of affirmations and positivity, the Babe Scrub products have names like the 'Be RAD Organic Body Wash.'