The New Dove Style+ Care Can Design Emphasizes Movement

 - Aug 22, 2016
References: dove & packagingnews
Internationally renowned branding and design agency JDO has given a fresh new spin to hair product cans folling under the Dove Style+ Care by focusing on simplicity and dynamism.

Specifically, the new hair product cans -- which range from shampoo and moisturizer to hairspray and mousse -- make use of elegantly simple typefaces that are designed to capture customers' attentions as they peruse the shelves at their local supermarket. Additionally, these hair product cans also feature a new, colorful wave symbol that is designed to be reminiscent of the movement of hair in the wind, emphasizing a fresh and youthful appeal.

These hair product cans are designed to refresh and rejuvenate the Dove Style+ Care line and excite loyal customers while also attracting new ones.