'Superb Herb' Uses an Unconventional Color to Brand Its Greenery

 - Oct 31, 2016
References: superbherb.co.nz & packagingoftheworld
The brand 'Superb Herb' chose to take a unique path in choosing its potted plant packaging and the containers that hold its loose-leaf herbs.

Designed by the creative agency 'Dow Design Ltd,' the herbs themselves are fairly standard in what they offer and so the agency decided it would make them unique through branding. It purposely ignored the popular pattern of using green colors to package eco-related products and instead opted for a theme that is bolder and more youthful. The resulting potted plant packaging is black, red and white in color and uses a playful font to appear eye-catching.

Superb Herb is able to set itself apart from its competitors using something as simple as color to do so.