Axel Chang's Makeup Boasts Artistic and Intricate Details

 - Apr 24, 2015
This cosmetic camouflage photography features the work of visionary makeup artist Axel Chang. Illustrating his immense talent, the beauty expert creates intricate body paintings that make his subjects blend into their surroundings. Whether mimicking the intricate details of a vintage apartment wall or a the loud pattern of a floral couch fabric, Axel makes his subjects disappear with the help of makeup.

The results of his cosmetic camouflage are striking and impressive, challenging one's perception with their heightened level of realism. The makeup artist works with photographer Camille Mazier for this project that boasts captivating imagery of body paintings.

While cosmetic minimalism has ruled the fashion industry in recent months, the return of conceptual makeup artistry is on the rise. Its presence in the worlds of fashion and design illustrate its evolution into a respected art form.