This 'Geometric Beauty' Photoshoot Uses Skin as its Canvas

This 'Geometric Beauty' editorial bypasses flattering makeup and elaborate hairdos in favor of simple blocks of color painted onto models' faces.

The 'Geometric Beauty' shoot is the work of photographer Ruo Bing Li, a Canadian artist with an unusual and fascinating sense of style, and makeup and hair stylist Cynthia-Christina Cadieux. The close-up perspectives of the model's face dramatize the vividly hued geometric patterns painted across it. 'Geometric Beauty' was created for Vulkan Magazine.

Dramatic makeup is once again creeping back onto runways and magazine pages after a long period in which the no-makeup look reigned supreme. This fall, bright blocks of color adorn eyes and lips, and while we may not see the show-stopping look of Geometric Beauty replicated on the street anytime soon, its influence will surely be felt.