The Likelihood Store in Seattle is a Hip Menswear Boutique

 - Oct 5, 2015
The Likelihood Store is a men's apparel and sneakers boutique located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Boasting light fixtures that resemble art installations and sparse merchandising that elevates the product to artwork, the Likelihood Store is effortlessly stylish, due in part to the classic whiteout walls and subtle accent of the wooden paneled facade.

A single rack of clothing hangs above a long singular table on top of which sits bags and accessories, while sneakers are arranged on a bright white tiered staircase-like shelf system.

Designed by Best Practice Architecture, the Likelihood Store boasts a sleek and appealing atmosphere that is laid out more like a contemporary art gallery than a sneakers and apparel boutique. In this sense, the store's interior seems like it could hail from international cities like Hong Kong, Stockholm and Tokyo.