The Sweat-Resistant Jeans by dish and DU/ER Offer Lifestyle Functionality

 - Oct 30, 2015
References: dishandduer & kickstarter
Performance jean brand dish and DU/ER is at it again with a new athletic denim campaign focusing on an exclusive new fabric material, entitled Nature2X, that is filled with high-tech woven fibers that whisk moisture away. These jeans are designed to be odor-repelling, fast-drying and extremely stretchy, allowing the wearer to feel unrestricted and embrace an active lifestyle.

The NatureX2 denim fabric is made from a four-strand custom weave, allowing for moisture to quickly dry and the material to stretch while retaining its original shape. Despite the performance technology, the material looks and feels like denim, giving it a multi-functional use for everyday and fitness wear for men and women. Both dish and DU/ER NatureX2 jeans are currently available for purchase through Kickstarter where the brand has already surpassed its $20,000 pledge goal in just a few short days.

The newly engineered fabric speaks to consumers' desire to find dual-functioning clothing that suits a variety of activities while remaining fashionable and long-lasting, allowing the wearer to seamlessly transition between lifestyles.